Energy Management Technologies

Studies examples

Photo Bike BMS
CAN bus BMS design plug and play with original equipement
Photo BMS 50V-40A
14 cells management
Embedded precharge
Photo Cell assembly
Prototype design and assembly
on request
Photo Precharge
400V precharge in parallel
of power contactor
Photo Moped battery for French market
Removable battery [48V-1kWh]
BMS design
Battery industrialization
Photo Tilting three wheeler
Architecture design
Pack battery [72V-4kWh]
Body control module
Tilt management
Photo Swapping station
Charging station for moped batteries
Photo 24V Lithium module (2kWh)
BMS manages modules in series
and/or in parallel
Isolated CAN bus
Photo CAN Gateway
Double CAN bus box controller

Photo Video recorder
Supply and power LED management
on professional recorder
Photo Battery emulator
Battery emulator
for in-situ BMS testing
Photo Modbus gateway
CAN - Modbus gateway